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28 - 31 AGOSTO 2020
¿Que dicen de RiminiWellness? 

"Rimini has always been a location of great attraction at European level. All the operators were very happy to meet here and we are sure that in 2023 the European and international presence in Rimini will be even stronger. RiminiWellness is life!"

Veronica Telleschi, Board Member EuropeActive

"RiminiWellness for us is energy, it is getting back in touch with our students and giving us the charge for new stimuli and to face new seasons always at our best. It is the word energy that describes this trade fair, this appointment, for us fitness lovers, users but also professionals".

Elisabetta Cinelli - Master Trainer of Pilates Federazione Italiana Fitness

"This is certainly a moment to see the novelties but also a moment of training, of comparison between operators. Technogym has always been close to the sector. [...] What we do is offer different experiences linked to people's different passions, through our connected ecosystem."

Enrico Manaresi - Press & Media Director Technogym

"For me, Rimini is the most important event of the year, because it is a worldwide reference point for fitness. We are here together to celebrate sport, fitness and wellness. RiminiWellness is vitality!"

Jill Cooper, Creator of SuperJump

"One thing that is happening in the Italian market is the aggregation of structures or rather a reduced fragmentation of the sector. [...] Another trend is the compatibility and integration of different systems. We at Matrix are presenting here in Rimini the Club Matrix 4.0, a truly integrated and interconnected club".

Danilo Casadei, Sales Manager Commercial Johnson Health Tech Italia S.p.a

"An appointment like Rimini is fundamental for all of us professionals because it is a thermometer, a starting point to start the season, to calibrate what are the activities and the latest trends.
Riminiwellness is sharing!"

Sayonara Motta, Founder of Fiteducation

"The priority for fitness lovers has become physical and especially mental well-being. This is because we think that, in such an ever-changing world, anyone who likes to regain balance can do so through fitness.
RiminiWellness is sport community!"

Francesca Di Biase, Head of Marketing Italia Kappa

“I think everyone's presence at RiminiWellness is essential. We have a very large community in the sector and we have involved them all in this edition, because it is a moment of exchange, culture and personal growth. We need to put it on the agenda for 2023 already."

Jairo Junior, Founder of Cross Cardio e Mobility

"We recently did a research with Qualtrics where we saw that the trend will definitely be live, so training in presence. This is a very reassuring thing for our industry, because we saw that more than 70 per cent of sports consumers want to do it in the gym with a trainer".

Monica Baroni, National Accounts Director Les Mills

"RiminiWellness really is fitness. It is indispensable as an event because it manages to combine the end user with the B2B professional customer. It is an event that has grown over time and that we think still has a lot to give to the fitness world".

Jacopo Bertelli, CEO Xenios USA