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28 - 31 AGOSTO 2020

"We are attending RiminiWellness again after three long years. We feel the need to look each other in the eye, shake hands and talk in person after two years of working through webinars, seminars and virtual meetings".

Pino Di Eugenio - Managing Director JHT Italia

"Creating and strengthening contacts, exchanging ideas and experiences, taking stock and sharing are activities that we could have forgotten or neglected in the last two years. The many hours spent on video calls looking for solutions or windows of opportunity at a particularly difficult time for our industry can now give way to meetings in person; being able to do this in an environment like RiminiWellness, which is marked by its energy and enthusiasm, can only be an excellent opportunity for industry operators to regain momentum and confidence".

Paolo Grosso - Managing Director Wellink

"As this is the year of recovery, it is essential to make people understand that the wellness market, too often overlooked, is a fundamental pillar for economic and social development".

Lino Cappellazzo - CEO Metem Srl

"Rimini Wellness is an event that must be interpreted differently each year, depending on the moment in history, the context and the market. We manage various brands, from Balanced Body, the global benchmark in Pilates equipment and training, to Sissel, Toesox, Blackroll, Rehatech… This year, we have chosen to dedicate our entire presence at the show to a great new development from Sissel".

Emiliano Cais - Founder and Sales Director Genesi

"We simply have to attend the only event that brings together national fitness professionals and enthusiasts in a full-on event packed with contacts, exchanges and opinions essential to interpreting the fitness of tomorrow".

Roberta Fadda - Secretary and Treasurer, Italian Fitness Federation

"Returning to RiminiWellness in person gives us a considerable boost. An event of the magnitude brings us close to people, and enables us to experience the enthusiasm for movement and all the values it generates and brings with it”.

Stefano Marcandelli - CEO TecnoBody

"It is essential for us to be there in this year of relaunch.
RiminiWellness is a must for professionals and people who like to stay fit and active, which is why we will be there.

We are sure that the future is very promising for our sector… The future is Human!"

Ivan Faedi - Product & Marketing Manager CANALI SYSTEM

"RiminiWellness has always been a reference point for our brand, so much so that we will be taking part again in 2021. We see this year's edition as a way of kick-starting the fitness market in Italy".

Jacopo Bertelli - CEO Xenios USA

“We have always believed in and promoted the idea of a network in the fitness/pool sector. The show is an opportunity to rediscover a lost spirit, a shared feeling between operators of all categories, a way to usher in the new wellness season together. And we at EAA/Aqquatix will be ready to deliver an innovative and confident message that we hope will have a domino effect”.

Marco Tornatore - CEO, Aqquatix

“Our company has attended Rimini Wellness for more than 10 years, and we could not miss such an important event for the Italian fitness and wellness market. The opportunity to meet our customers directly, present new products and showcase our latest achievements motivates and drives us".

Andrea Pavolucci - CEO, P&G

“For our company, RiminiWellness has always been a catalyst event: we were looking forward to it with enthusiasm and determination, happy to meet our customers face to face, to socialise with our community and to forge synergies with other exhibitors. This year, the simple fact of being there, of being able to exhibit our product catalogue to our friends and customers, is already a great victory for us”.

Ilaria Spadaccini - Sales Director, Kwell Fitness

“Being able to return to such an important event like RiminiWellness is the sign of encouragement that the sector needed. Bringing together the in-person and digital spheres is fundamental for the growth of gyms, swimming pools and sports centres: today, more than ever, digital solutions for fitness and wellness are “competitiveness enablers”, providing real support for the relaunch of the business”.

Domenico Castriotta - Head of Micro Vertical Solutions, TeamSystem

“For TECA, attending Italy’s largest fitness show this year is essential. Rimini Wellness means relaunching, firing up the engine of fitness in our country and restoring the healthy lifestyle to its central role, a role greatly reduced by the pandemic”.

Deolo Falcone - CEO and Founder, TECA